25 January 2016, 12PM

SSP Teams Thunder and Lightning

SSP Teams Thunder and Lightning

Training for a triathlon is intense, tough work, we all know this. Some legs we are naturally good at, while others need more focus, thought and outside assistance from experienced coaches.

We found this to be exactly the same scenario when we were planning and organising the first Yeppoon Triathlon Festival. Some things we were strong at and we could run with, while others were out of our depth and needed help.

If a triathlon is Swim – Bike – Run, then organising a triathlon festival is Dream – Debate – Decide – Flounder – Plan – Organise – Re-plan – Have meetings – Crunch numbers – Feedback – Budgeting – Accounting… you get the idea.

This last point, accounting, was definitely not a strength, nor in our comfort zone. Setting up a strong platform around the financial elements of the race was something we really struggled with which is why we called in SSP (Shanahan, Swaffield Partners) as our financial coach. Their expertise in planning, setting up and managing the financial aspects was very important to the overall success of the Festival.

We can’t thank them enough for their guidance behind the scenes, their direct involvement as a major sponsor and personally as competitors.

So a big shout out to Linda Sellers, Matteson McGuire and Wendy Sellers in Team SSP Thunder and Joe Burke, Mady Briskey and Maddy Carroll in Team SSP Lightning for keeping our heads above water and the dream alive.


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