19 February 2016, 5PM

Kit for Tri Newbies

Kit for Tri Newbies

Feeling a bit overwhelmed with the array of kit you’ll need for your first Tri?

At the most basic level all you really need is your body and a push bike, that said we’ve compiled a list of things that will help you to be both more competitive and more comfortable at the same time.

Swim Leg

Tri Suit
Worn through the whole race a Tri Suit is made of thin breathable material, usually sleeveless with the bottom like lightly padded cycling shorts. After the swim the pad dries quickly so you don’t feel like your trudging along in a nappy.

If the water’s chilly then this is a given. If you’re a newbie and not a super strong swimmer a wetsuit also has the added benefit of being buoyant which helps you stay afloat. As the YTF is held during a mild Central Queensland winter our water temps are usually pretty good so you may only need a ‘shortie’, or none at all if we’re lucky!
The main point to keep in mind for both a Tri Suit and a Wetsuit is the fit, not too tight and not too loose.

Our good mates and the YTF Swim Leg sponsors Dare2Tri will be able to help you out with both of these. They have a great range of gear and are keen to get everyone involved in Tri Sports so it won’t break the bank.

It can pay to have two pairs of these beauties, clear for cloudy days and tinted for sunny days. Definitely try them on first to make sure they fit, don’t just Google goggles.

Transition Towel
Get something gaudy and eye catching so you know where your kit is during transitions. It’s also handy for a quick mop down or to stand on if the turf is scorching after the swim.

Swim Cap
You’ll score one of these from the YTF at registration, thanks again to Bill from Dare2Tri Australia!

Bike Leg

A Bike
It’s pretty hard to do a triathlon without one of these so it’s sort of a must have. If you’re just starting out and are giving the Sprint Distance a crack simply get any bike you can, as long as it’s pretty much the right size… not a bmx with pegs!
If you’re aiming at doing the Olympic Distance any old geared racer is the go. Whatever bike you go with take it to the bike shop first and make sure it’s tuned up and sporting slick tyres, not straight out of Grandad’s shed.
Strapping on a cheap bike repair kit can pay off too if you get a flat.

You can’t enter a triathlon without one so while you’re at the bike shop grab a helmet too. They’re legally obliged to only sell ones that meet Australian safety standards and will also help you pick the right size one for your scone.

Bike Shorts
If you’ve not worn these before you may feel like a bit of a goose but your backside will thank you a few km’s in to the ride… and the next day too. If you go for the Tri suit mentioned before they’re already built in.

For both the bike and the run sunglasses have a range of uses, from cutting glare to stopping your eyes water as you belt along on your pushy. Basic sports sunnies are fairly cheap and once again fit is essential as you don’t want to keep stopping to pick them up.

Water Bottle
Strap this little lifesaver to your bike and fill it with your favourite energy drink. If you feel you’ll need it take it with you on the run too.

Elastic Race Belt
Used to clip your race number onto when you transition from Swim to Bike. Have it backwards when you cycle and forwards when you run so everyone knows who you are.

Run Leg

Running Shoes
If your just starting out the pair of runners you already have should do the trick. If you don’t have a pair then we’re curious what you’ve been running in! They should be a good fit though and not completely trashed. If you start Tri-ing more then definitely fork out for a good quality pair.

Socks can also be a good choice, you may lose a bit of time in transition whacking them on but if you’re prone to blisters then 2 km’s in you’ll be glad you did.

Running Hat
We’re big on sun protection at the YTF and as it’s sunny 300+ days a year in Central Queensland if you don’t already have one, get one.


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