20 March 2017, 1PM

It’s time we achieve our goals

It’s time we achieve our goals

As you may expect we’re quite passionate at the YTF about tri-sport training and always encourage our competitors to continue to challenge themselves and never lose faith that they can achieve their goals if they simply try.

Luckily for us all, the chaps from TCR Triathlon Coaching & Conditioning are not only the official YTF training partner; they are also the organisers of the YTF.

TCR have been coaching athletes locally since 2012 and have expanded their service into two other states in Australia.

Specialising in triathlon coaching they have a personalised approach that starts with one key questions – what do you want to achieve?

This may be for a novice to prepare for and compete in their first Enticer or Sprint Distance Triathlon, an experienced Triathlete looking to progress to Ironman or even becoming an age group champion and Australian Representative.

“An effective training program should always be based on individual assessment, rather than a generic system.” Says Glenn Skinner, Director & Coach at TCR.

“Once we understand a client’s goal we need to look at their availability to train, access to facilities, their strengths and weaknesses and most importantly how much training can be achieved with successful recovery. This allows for a quality of quality style program.” Says new coach Rob Dendle. “Time availability is often one of the toughest factors in training which is why we have found online testing and feedback via video so effective”.

Glenn & Rob both have an extensive history in sports and developing athletes, with qualification across Triathlon, Strength & Conditioning, and Psychology.

Every athlete understands that achieving goals is unique to the individual. This rings true whether competing in triathlons or running a tri festival itself.

As with all of our competitors, we are continually striving to better the YTF and know that with the right groundwork, support and good old honest effort we will continue to improve day by day and year by year.

Who better to coach you to your first triathlon or a win, than the people who design the course and run the event!

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