03 April 2017, 11AM

A customisable sports drink! What the?

A customisable sports drink! What the?

Fancy a sports drink you can adjust to your own calorie requirements, with your own preferred blend of carbohydrates and protein, any required amino acids, electrolytes, caffeine levels and also flavour? Luckily for you, all of us at the YTF and every athlete, in general, our nutrition partner Infinit Nutrition also fancied this idea.

Driven by their goal of customising sports drinks so athletes could take all their nutrition in one easily digested drink with no additional bars or gels, Infinit Nutrition has designed a range of custom and customisable blends specifically for endurance athletes.

The guys at Infinit Nutrition Australia are based a little south from us here at the YTF, just down the road on the Sunshine Coast, where they produce their products from all naturals ingredients with no artificial colours or preservative. Something that obviously gets a big thumbs up from us.

Specifically created for tri-sport athletes is their standard product aptly named ’Speed’, formulated specifically for those shorter, faster efforts where you demand the most from your body, and your nutrition. Speed incorporates a higher percentage of INFINIT glucose for explosive energy and is packed full of electrolytes to eliminate any cramping or stomach distress during anaerobic efforts.

“Our commitment is to develop quality products that help athletes perform and feel better through all-natural, isotonic custom-blended nutrition solutions”, says Jason Cheshire, Owner of Infinit Nutrition Australia.

A family run company, they are a direct branch of Infinit Nutrition US who they work in collaboration with on many facets of the business.

Their passion is speaking one on one with their customers to gauge the perfect mix for each individual’s needs.  As a direct result of years of research and customer feedback, they have further developed a range of generic blends currently distributed to retail nutrition and sporting goods outlets.  Their powdered mixes are easily blended with water in your very own bidon to produce a 100% soluble product, with no messy gels and no wrappers and waste to create litter. Another thing that is important to use at the YTF and our beautiful location.

To mark Infinit Nutrition Australia’s arrival as the YTF’s official Nutrition Sponsor they are offering all registered competitors a 10% discount off any online orders.

After registration all entrants will receive a code by email that can be easily redeemed on their website, it’s as simple as that!

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