22 April 2018, 11AM

Completely customised nutrition

Completely customised nutrition

The YTF is pleased to announce the return of INFINIT Nutrition Australia as the events offical Nutrition Partner.

Committed to developing products that help athletes perform and feel better through all-natural, isotonic high powered means, they pride themselves on supplying the best customer service and products of the highest quality available anywhere. Which makes us pretty proud too, purely by association.

To coincide with the lead up to the YTF they have recently released two new recovery blends, RAW and Vanilla REPAIR, to support their existing products as well as their CUSTOM BLEND.

RAW – with the purest whey isolate blended with BCAAs and immune-supporting glutamine.  Their exclusive whey protein isolate is produced from the milk of New Zealand raised cows, and is ultra filtered to eliminate all of the undesirable characteristics of dairy. With the best amino acid profile of any protein on the market, your muscles will have all the necessary components to support muscle protein synthesis and achieve optimum recovery and gains.  RAW is unflavoured, so it is ideal to add to your favourite smoothie or protein ball recipe to give you that added protein boost!

Vanilla REPAIR – Formulated for maximum replenishment of muscle glycogen levels, and a prolonged release of protein in order to maximise repair of damaged muscle tissue, and boost your immune system – all while tasting great!  Vanilla REPAIR is formulated specifically to replenish muscle glycogen levels with 3 different proteins – quick absorbing all natural casein, soy and whey protein.  Your perfect ‘go-to’ Recovery drink when blended with icy cold milk or water for that post training or racing boost.

And the jewel in the crown, Infinit Nutrition Australia’s Custom Blend – If you are tired of fuelling your long training and racing on bars and gels, or simply can’t stomach them, why not try liquid nutrition?  Infinit Nutrition Australia make custom blend sports nutrition specific to your needs.  Each Custom bag is hand made according to your required carbohydrate, electrolyte and calorie needs.  You also have many ‘add ons’ to compliment your Custom Blend, to make you go fast or go further than you ever have!  You the options to add protein, caffeine, beta-alanine, CoQ10 and amino acids to your mix, all in a variety of flavours to satisfy every and any palette.

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