10 June 2016, 6PM

Before the Kraken came… the Rinser!

Before the Kraken came… the Rinser!

Our good mates at Roth Plumbing went above and beyond last year in our inaugural event to build Yeppoon’s first water feature… The Roth Rinser!

It will once again be a very prominent landmark and well loved by all that run beneath it. The Roth Rinser will help wash away the YTF Swim Leg woes… along with those residual salty itches and burns.

It’s an obvious connection for Roth Plumbing to be a strong supporter of the YTF, especially at the end of the swim leg, and we more than appreciate the work they do for us both on and off the event. Don’t let their name fool you either as they are also masters in roofing, which explains why the Roth Rinser is built so well!


The whole team at YTF would like to extend a big thank you to Roth Plumbing for the fabulous competitor facility they supply us free of charge. We hope that all the athletes that stand, ever so briefly, beneath it appreciate the efforts put in by Roth Plumbing to help make the transition to the bike leg more beneficial.

We’d somehow like to make a joke now about plumbers kraken… but nothing comes to mind.


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