17 May 2017, 2PM

Back in the saddle for 2017

Back in the saddle for 2017

A big shout out to the guys at Bikes on High for not only coming back as a major sponsor to the YTF but once again supplying us with all our competition prizes!

Bikes on high are the go to shop in CQ stocking a large range of bikes to suit whatever area of cycling peaks your interest and all the gear to get you motivated and involved.

Boasting a qualified mechanic with over 20 years’ experience and an outstanding full service workshop, no matter what your style or brand they are more than happy to help. If you’re looking for a basic tweak or tyre change to a complete strip, clean and rebuild we recommend you give them a yell.

We all know that well tuned and reliable kit can make or break any bike style day, so whether your:

Sprinting the streets of Yeppoon’s tri on your TT
Railing the corners first turkey on you Dualie
Pumping the straights on the Rocky BMX track
Drafting on your fixie just waiting for the last lap bell at the Kendrick Tucker velodrome
Pushing your way thru the bunch just before you tackle the range at MT Morgan
Or just taking the family on a ride or a scoot round Kershaw gardens.

Go and see the guys at BOH and they’ll  keep you rolling at your best.

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