13 August 2016, 9AM

Corporate Cup Challenge Results

Corporate Cup Challenge Results
PosRace NoNameTimeSwimCycleRun
1339TEAM Emmaus Flames1:05:470:12:180:33:210:20:08
2332TEAM LSC Xpress1:21:020:15:230:40:130:25:25
3340TEAM The Singy Ben Swo's1:22:160:19:010:38:270:24:47
4334TEAM MI Not Stars1:24:350:14:420:43:590:25:53
5333TEAM ROTH PLUMBING1:25:470:26:000:34:040:25:41
6341TEAM Trimathaletes1:29:090:26:000:37:190:25:49
7336TEAM Jelly Bros1:29:430:18:040:40:450:30:52
8342TEAM Tri-Away-Happy1:30:050:12:170:46:220:31:25
9335TEAM Fangtastic1:32:590:19:390:45:310:27:47
10337TEAM SSP Lightning1:35:090:17:390:50:010:27:27
11338TEAM SSP Thunder1:35:550:18:110:44:370:33:06
12343TEAM DC Motors Tripods1:47:140:20:480:48:590:37:26

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