13 August 2018, 9PM

Livingstone Shire Council and the YTF – A sense of purpose

Livingstone Shire Council and the YTF –  A sense of purpose

We would sincerely like to thank the Livingstone Shire Council for its ongoing support of the Yeppoon Triathlon Festival and our amazing region.

Everyone from mayor Bill Ludwig, down to the entire Engagement & Events team do nothing but support us in our endeavours in getting the Yeppoon Triathlon Festival event bigger and better each year.

We appreciate their patience and willingness in working together to make things happen, ultimately enriching our beautiful part of the world.

We encourage everyone living in the area to get involved in any way the can to help foster positive change. Visit the LSC website to find out more on what’s happening locally and how you can get involved

Livingstone Shire Council

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